5 Gadgets Men Think Girls Love to Get (Which They Don’t)

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  • May 13, 2020
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How often do we say: “There are always exceptions to the rules, but some things are pretty universal.” Women during the holidays have two feelings: 1) They are glad that everyone congratulates them, and they are filled with joy. 2) They understand that time passes and they begin to age. This is a very insidious time to give presents. There are some things that men should not give, even if the woman hints at it.

  1. Flying alarm clock

Awakening by an alarm clock is always stressful, and the less stressful it is, the better a person feels during the day. One way to reduce the stress of awakening is to add a game element to the awakening. For example, to chase an alarm clock around the room. The flying alarm clock consists of two parts. The clock is located at the bottom, and the top of the device is equipped with a propeller. When the alarm signal is turned on, this “helicopter” takes off, and to turn off the signal, you need to get up, catch it and insert it back into the connector of the stationary part. And it may seem cute and fun, but, according to reviews, such gadgets end up just crashing out of the window or get destroyed in one way or another.

  • Virtual laser keyboard

Over the past few years, a new class of input devices has appeared on the market – projection laser keyboards of high definition images designed to connect to smartphones and tablets. The connection is via USB, Bluetooth, or a somewhat outdated morally, but still functional IR port. The finger recognition sensor recognizes up to 350 “taps” per minute. But, these keyboards always end up falling short of expectation, and their owners end up switching back to normal keyboards.

  • Selfie Toaster

Human narcissism knows no boundaries, so the American company called Burnt Impressions made a selfie toaster that burns photos on bread. The device appeared at the peak of the popularity of selfies in 2014, and it was quite simple. It was an ordinary toaster, into which an unusual metal grill was inserted: the contours of the customer’s face were cut into a metal plate which was then inserted into a toaster, and then you would be able to make toasts with your face on them. Each such plate was made to order, together the kit costs only around $75. It is still available for sale, but not gained any fame.

  • Nose trimmer

How not funny it sounds, but men gift such things to their women quite often. Firstly, it looks like you bought it at the last minute, and secondly, it will give a blow to a woman’s pride.

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  • Vacuum cleaner and other household appliances

There are still men in the world who sincerely do not understand why women should not be given household appliances. By the way, a blender or food processor is also no better than a vacuum cleaner. Yes, these are practical and useful things, but they should be simple purchases in the family. Even if the girl often said that she really needed a juicer and a “smart” vacuum cleaner, even if she talked about how much she needed these things, you should not present them as gifts, especially for her birthday. Of course, it is impossible to say exactly about each girl in the world. Someone may want a new pan, while the other girl dreams of a trip to Paris. Someone wants to receive a certificate for a parachute jump as a gift, and someone just wants to sit alone with her beloved man at home with a nice candlelight dinner. Therefore, first of all, you need to start from the personal preferences of the girl, her tastes, and interests.