Taika Waititi hired to try and figure out how to make a Flash Gordon motion picture

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  • June 26, 2019
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It’s been a couple of months since we caught wind of since a long time ago postponed Flash Gordon reboot, which means it’s presently time to catch wind of… another Flash Gordon reboot. All things considered, children of any age are simply always shouting about Flash Gordon, a thing they are unquestionably mindful of, so it bodes well that Fox (and now Disney) would be amazingly edgy to take advantage of Flash Gordon fever.

That past endeavor was originating from Kingsman chief Matthew Vaughn, who might create the movie, with Overlord executive Julius Avery coordinating.

Presently, Deadline says that Taika Waititi has been enlisted to “split” a vivified Flash Gordon film, which apparently implies that Disney and Fox need him to attempt to make sense of how to make this thought speaking to any individual who wasn’t alive the last time Flash Gordon had a motion picture. Deadline says Waititi is possibly going to write and direct, but it’s “too early” to say for sure.

In any case, he has an opening in his calendar in the wake of retreating from Bubbles, the energized Netflix film about Michael Jackson’s life told from the point of view of his pet monkey. It’s misty if the Vaughn/Avery Flash Gordon film has been canned for this or if the two ventures will live all the while, however it most likely won’t make any difference as long as the Flash Gordon fans have at any rate one Flash Gordon to anticipate.

For those of us who aren’t Flash Gordon fans, Queen’s signature melody for the 1980 film is as great of a presentation as you could seek after—and indeed, evading any genuine portrayal of the Flash Gordon character for essentially referencing the Queen tune is a longstanding Newswire custom here at The A.V. Club, to the point where one crisp confronted adolescent figured out how to do it in one of the absolute first stories he composed for this site more than five years prior. People as a whole got so old, huh? Anyway, here’s the tune.